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Von Rottenkatt is my name, food is my game.

Saimin on a Cold Hawaiian Day

Hilo Saimin Good saimin is a lot of work. Especially in Hilo, during the Hilo County Fair. Plenny work since you gotta get da konbu, dried shitake, and bonito flakes. … Continue reading

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Supa Shoyu Chicken

One of my personal favorite dishes of Hawaii is da Supa Shoyu Chicken. You can tell if a new lunch spot get chance if they have this “plate lunch” staple. … Continue reading

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Salty-Goodness, Hormel Spam Musubi

Last weekend, while Kelly and I planned another trip to Kona, this time to go shopping at Costco, I made Spam musubi for lunch while in da van or if … Continue reading

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Broke Da Mout, Big Island Loco Moco Baby!

Drive through Hilo, sunshine or rain, and visit the Hilo Farmers’ Market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. You can get your fill with the freshest produce from Hilo’s local farmers … Continue reading

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If it is not tasty, it is not Rottenkatt!

Reginald Poindexter von Rottenkatt at your service. Chess enthusiast and food connoisseur. Look for me on Facebook!

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